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Special Feng Shui Bedroom Art

Feng shui bedroom art – According to Feng Shui, bedroom is one of focal points of any home, as it is space of rest, sleep and most intimate coexistence between a couple. Therefore, it is essential that there harmony and balance are present, making energy flow freely and favoring welfare and peace of its inhabitants. This will only be possible if all elements of space and furniture are chosen and located in a specific way, do you want to know how? To decorate bedroom according to Feng Shui there is a piece of furniture to which you must pay special attention: bed. This must govern room and both its location, objects or furniture that surrounds it and clothing that covers it must follow some premises to ensure your good rest and awakening full of vitality.

Bed is not placed facing a door or just below a window. In event that former is not possible, you can always place some sort of separator (screens, curtains, shelves …) to get it out of aisle. Feng shui bedroom art with solid headboards are preferred, since absence of these symbolizes instability and lack of security. Avoid hanging objects on bed, as well as a ceiling fan. Place bed in center avoiding that it is stuck to one of walls of bedroom, so you can easily access it on both sides.

Choose bedding in soft colors and pastels to promote your well-being and tranquility, always preferring natural fabrics before synthetics. Avoid strong prints and very intense colors in sheets and quilts. Feng shui bedroom art also affects roof of bedroom, establishing that most flattering to health is that it is completely flat, that it does not contain protrusions or beams crossed, since these would alter energy that flows through room. In case you find it impossible to make alterations and modify ceiling of your room, a good alternative is to place, for example, a canopy that protects bed to combat that negative effect.

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