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Organizing Bedroom Toys

Bedroom toys – It is a fact that not every day it is possible to take the children to play outdoors. In the bedroom, or in an exclusive setting of the house, having a play space can be the salvation of the little ones on hard or rainy days. There are those who have a good space available for this, as in the project signed by the office of Architecture in Rio de Janeiro, where the walls of a large room were lined with shelves for children’s books and colorful niches for toys.

Those who have small children know how common it is to see toys scattered all over the house, and they end up getting disorganized throughout the day. But there is a way to avoid this, which is by assembling a toy room for your puppies. This room can be made in a little-used room, or even on bedroom toys. And what is better, your children will have only one space to play with, so.

But it is foolish to think that it is necessary to have extra space in the house to put this idea into practice. Those with less available space can make the TV room a colorful and inviting play environment, as in the project signed by the architect Marcelo Rosset. With planning, it is possible to make even a corner of the room a perfect space to have fun, such as the bedroom toys signed by the architect Hana Lerner, where a corner has literally turned into the stage of a girl’s play.

To help you with this task of assembling and organizing your children’s bedroom toys, here are some simple and practical tips: When setting up the toy room, the first thing to do is leave the environment safer for the children. So plug the power outlets, put screens on the windows, and do not use furniture or sharp objects in the room to avoid any accidents. Another tip of the walls is to use contact paper to create designs that children like, and so the toy room will be much more joyful and fun.

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