Nice Ceiling Lights for Bedroom

How to Mount a Ceiling Lights for Bedroom

Ceiling lights for bedroom – It is one of the things in the field of electrical work that you may want to do yourself. But, of course, remember to turn off the power before you get started mount ceiling lights for bedroom. Start by measuring how long a wire is required and wipe the ends with a stripping bar. The cable is first attached to the lamp by screwing the individual wires into the screw terminal. There is already a brown and blue wire in it, so just follow the colors.

Then to mount a ceiling lights for bedroom, the lamp must be mounted on a hanger bracket that attaches to the ceiling where the lamp is to be sitting. Start holding the bracket on the lamp so you can see how it turns in relation to where the cord comes out. Then you’re sure to get the lead out the right path relative to the lamp outlet. When the lamp is mounted on the bracket, connect the cord. Be sure to make sure that the power of the lamp socket is turned off.

Once you have made sure the power is off, use a screwdriver to lift the cover. Be sure to turn the cover properly and put it on the cord before connecting it to the lamp outlet, otherwise you will need to unplug the cover to get the cover on. Once the cover is removed, you can see four poles. The blue wire must be connected to N (stands for neutral or 0) and the brown must be connected to M1. Try if it seems otherwise, move the brown wire to M2. Attach the wires to the terminals before tightening the cable strap and install the cover. Finally to mount ceiling lights for bedroom, you can turn on the lamp and make sure everything works, and just put the cord into the ceiling with cable clips.

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