Outer Space Bedroom Painting

How to Make an Outer Space Bedroom

Outer space bedroom – Pictures of outer space can create a spiritual and dreamy bedroom, especially at night. Rich, dark shades of space and night sky on the walls and ceilings enter the bedroom with a sense of sanctuary. Blankets and carpets with outer space images provide a frame for thoughtful trips to other dimensions. Thousands of pictures and designs are available to decorate a bedroom with the space theme, including drawings, NASA images, and icons from science fiction.

Blast off in the final boundary with an outer space bedroom theme. A bedroom decorated with a heavenly theme is perfect for young people who dream of being astronauts and exploring the vast expanse of space. With decorative accents and some creativity, you can expand your little imagination and fulfill her desire to explore space – at least until she’s old enough to start training with NASA.

Instructions to make an outer space bedroom: • Paint the walls of the space a shade of dark blue to mimic the color of the night sky. If the room is on the small side and you are scared the dark color will make the space appear smaller, paint a focal point the wall dark blue and paint the remaining walls a lighter shade of blue. • Print and view pictures of the planets, the moon and the sun and hang them on the walls of the bedroom. Apply the glow-in-the-dark color to the surface of the images so that when the lights are turned off, the images will light up. • Arrange the glow-in-the-dark star stickers on the walls and ceiling of the bedroom. Lay out the stars in the arrangements that mimic the forms of the constellations of the sky: Orion, the Caramel, and Cassiopeia, for example. • Dress the bed with a blanket that has pictures of stars, or a dark blue area. Put out a star-shaped throw pillow on the bed.

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