Cute Wall Lights for Bedroom

Great Ideas Wall Lights for Bedroom

Wall lights for bedroom – Since the fixtures provide light without taking up space on the floor or table, they are ideal for bedrooms of all sizes. When placed correctly, they create a warm, quiet and enlightened environment. To determine the proper height, consider the purpose of the lights. If they will be simple background lights, you will want to place them higher than if they were for directional lights. When the fixtures are used as reading lamps, designer Candice Olson determines the correct height by asking the client to sit in bed. Then, locate the sconces so that the bottom of the screen is just below the level of the client’s eyes. For the average adult, this means placing it about 48 inches above the floor. Place one applique 4 inches to the left of the head of the bed and another 4 inches from the right side. To avoid awakening your partner while you knit or read, use appliques with individual switches.

The sconces have more versatility in the wall lights for bedroom than to be alone next to the head of the bed. They can also be used as general lighting on another wall. When used in this way, place them at 68 inches above the floor. By placing the wall lamps at eye level, you avoid seeing the light bulbs. If you want the lower walls to look taller, you can place them up to 60 inches from the floor. To avoid cables that distract the view, the hidden cable sconces are the best. But if you must plug them into the outlet, you can hide the cables with plastic adhesive tubes. By painting them the same color as the wall, the room will look cleaner and less crowded.

To avoid an annoying brightness in the wall lights for bedroom, avoid high-voltage bulbs. Halogens emit a bright white light that is practical for activities, but they are not the ideal alternative if you want to achieve a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If you want a softer environment, use incandescent bulbs, which do not overload the room and place switches with different power levels. Consider using wireless light kits. With a remote control, you can lower the lights, or turn the switches off and on from the bed.

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