Stylish Bedroom Bench Seat

Bedroom Bench Seat with Storage

Building a bedroom bench seat can add beauty, extra seating and valuable storage space. A do-it-yourself bench with storage presents a doable task that does not require professional sneaker skills. Plus, if you take the measurements to the storage bench to the log yard, you can save yourself a lot of time by having an employee cut the timber to size for you. Determine the style bedroom bench seat you prefer, one with doors on the front or one with a top that lifts up. Measure length, width and depth requirements for your bedroom storage bench based on the size of the area where it will stay. Benches under a window or at the end of the bed can have height and width restrictions. Make a materials list that includes the specific measurements, so you can get the cuts on the home improvement store, saving you time and effort.

Collect your materials and start building the frame for your bedroom bench seat with storage by creating two rectangles with 2x4s cut to length and width of the frame. Join them with the 2x4s cut for the height of the bench frame. You will now have a rectangular box. Attach support 2x4s every 12 to 16 inches above the width of the top of the bench. Add at least one 2×4 support beam in the center of each side of your storage bench.

Cover all sides of storage bench that does not want an opening with ¾-inch plywood. If you add doors to the front, framing the area with wooden strips in preparation for the doors. Attach the piano best hinge to the top lid of your storage bench. Sand your bedroom bench seat with storage until it is smooth enough to paint or brush. Let it dry, and then apply another layer of paint. Add a thick pillow to the top of your bedroom bench seat with storage or add pillows for comfort and decor.

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