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Wall Art Ideas-Create Art From your photos

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If you are looking for cool wall art ideas then you have come to the right place.

So many of us have cameras or other digital devices that can take quality photos, why not create wall art from your photos.

At Acrylicpix we transfer your photos directly onto Acrylic. The end results are spectacular. Clear, shiny, 3d looking, you wont believe the results.

All you need to do is send us a photo that is 150mp, choose your options and within 7-10 days receive art work you created.

So many of our customers have sent us photos from their vacations and turned them into pieces of Wall Art. Im not talking about professional or amateur photographers either. These were just folks who had a decent camera, took cool pictures and  and figured  prinitng them on acrylic  would be a Cool wall art idea.

Just last week we captured the beauty of the Cambodian sky and sunset. When he received his 30-30″ photo on acrylic he was speechless. The image attached is his Acrylic.

Just a few pointers you should know to Make your Wall Art Ideas on Acrylic

Set your camera to the highest resolution when taking photos

Make sure you have a camera that has 150 Megal Pixel -  72 Megapixels can work but it’s a case by cases scenario

No, your phone will not take quality photos

We can take your photo and turn it into Black and white, Sepia or On- Black.


As a general rule to find out how big your photo can be enlarged- divide your Mega pixels by 150 ( what we print at)- 4,000-3,000 can create a size 26-20- This can be increased 20-25% without much pixilation.

Always easier to reduce the size of your photo then increase it, to maintain quality and no pixilation.

For More information feel free to call us. In the meantime check out our showcase section to give you some wall art ideas and inspiration.


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  1. This looks like a pretty sweet deal.

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