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Printing on acrylic is an exciting new medium on which photographers can print their photos. Unlike what might first come to mind, photos on acrylic at AcrylicPix aren’t just a standard printed photo laminated or incased in acrylic sheets. Rather, the photo is printed directly onto large acrylic sheets (think plexiglass) via a flatbed printer.I would describe the end result as like high def T.V but in a photo. The result is stunning

3 Reasons Why Acrylic is Better Than Canvas

#1-It’s Unique compared to Canvas

Many photographers are now using print to canvas services to print their photographs onto canvas for display in a gallery or to sell to a client. However, this canvas medium has seen high popularity – and with popularity comes blandness. Your photo art is unique and needs to stand out; so why use a canvas that is common to most other photographer work?

Acrylic prints is a great way to stand out and offers something different. You’ll be hard pressed to find another photographer displaying their photos printed on acrylic. The difference between acrylic and canvas will make any photo pop out in comparison.

#2- It’s more vibrant

Although canvas has a nice texture to it, the colours somewhat wash out when absorbed and dispersed into the material. The result is a comparitively bland photo.

The colours of acrylic prints are a breath of fresh air. While the sheets are not textured like canvas, the colors adhere precisely to the hard surface, and with the reflective nature of the acrylic sheet, provide a depth unlike anything canvas can provide. The colours are vibrant, crisp and precise. The contrast is also more pronounced than canvas. The overall effect is stunning clarity that actually does justice to your photos.

#3- It’s a modern look that will fit any decor.

We offer various modern hanging and display options. Unlike other companies that only offer one or at the most 2 hanging and display options we offer various options so you can really make your acrylic custom. Check out our options and the bottom of the page and im sure you will find something thats for you. We also do custom sizes so just email or call with the size you want.


We offer numerous printing AND mounting options:


You can purchase your acrylic in 3 different thicknesses:

  • 1/8″
  • 3/16″
  • 1/4″

Display Options


2" Mount on acrylic

2" Mount

Float Option

Back of Float Option

Float Frame

Standoff (hanging option)

Image Options

AcrylicPix offers free color re-touching of your images.


On black Option
(see our video section to learn more about this option)

Sintra Backing

Sintra is a 1/8 plastic material that is glued to the back of the acrylic. It serves many purposes. It gives the 1/8 and 3/16th acrylic more body as well as protects the acrylic from careless handling. It also guarantees that the hanging option will not be seen through the acrylic, although the black ink in back does that sintra if foolproof.

Sintra Backing


If you don’t want square corners we can have them rounded.


Personal Message

Add a personal message on the back of your acrylic print

Below are prices of 1/8 acrylic with 1″ mount option, our most economical style which works without any added parts in sizes 10-12″ all the way to 40-50″ and greater.

We also do custom sizes as well – so Please call us.

Acrylic Portrait Size (inches) Price
10 by 12 $71.00
11 by 14 $79.00
12 by 16 $85.00
14 by 18 $94.50
16 by 20 $104.00
20 by 20 $109.00
20 by 24 $119.00
20 by 30 $125.00
24 by 24 $136.00
24 by 30 $149.00
24 by 36 $158.00
28 by 40 $176.00
30 by 32 $163.00
30 by 36 $179.50
30 by 40 $199.00
36 by 48 $257.00
40 by 40 $257.00
40 by 50 $295.00
Panoramic Sizes Price
8 by 24 $85.00
8 by 32 $100.00
12 by 36 $119.00
12 by 48 $149.00
16 by 48 $149.00
20 by 60 $208.00

All prices above include the 1″ mount option with no sintra. We advise for sizes 30-30″ and greater you add the sintra when ordering the float option.

North America:

$14.95 price charged on acrylics/aluminum from 40 inches (length plus width)
$21.95 price charged on acrylics/aluminum from 41-50 inches
$24.95 price charged for acrylics/aluminum from 51-60 inches
$31.95 price charged for acrylic/aluminum from 61-80 inches
$40.00 price charged for acrylic/aluminum from 80 inches and above.

(*for sizes 40-50″ and above There is an extra $65.00 courier cost due to oversize box charge from Fed ex)

Please contact us for international shipping.


What is Acrylic?
Acrylic is a new way of digital printing. It’s like embedding your image directly on to glass. The result is an ultra clear, extra glossy picture quality. It’s like looking at an HDTV tv.

How do I add my photo?

Simply follow the checkout process and in the options section, you will be asked to provide your personal picture.

How is printing different from face mounting?
Face mounting consists of printing your image on paper, then embedding that paper on to a glass panel. With our process, your image is printed directly on to the glass for a better and more vibrant finish product.

How good is the quality?
By printing directly on to acrylic, there’s no risk of peeling, ripping or crumpling. The result is a far superior finish product that will last longer, resist scratches as well as eliminate discoloration.