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Printing on Metal

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Printing on Metal is a new medium. Many digital artists and photographers use this medium to show off their work. Done properly your photos and art will come out looking amazing.

At acrylicpix.com we offer digital printing directly onto dibond with a flat bed printer. Dibond is a compound material made up of 3 parts. A polyethylene core sandwiched between pieces of aluminum sheets. We offer sizes 10-12 all the way up to 48-94 ” if you like. All inks we print with are water solvent based and environmentally friendly. We keep in inventory a brushed aluminum dibond, which is by far the most popular.

I mentioned in the first sentence ” when done properly”. Let me explain. If you plan to cover the whole surface of you photo with ink then the brushed aluminum effect will loose its effectiveness because of to much ink coverage. To create a masterpiece leave a portion of your design in white, white will be the actual metal surface when we go to print .You could photo shop white into your photos and digital designs so that the true modern look of the metal is exposed. If you dont plan on doing this the darker your colors are the more you lose of the metal effect. You will still see the brushed aluminum with lighter colors but  will look like yellow or beige brushed aluminum with yellow and beige. Again best to leave some areas of you photos untouched (white)

Check out our showcase section to see first hand how attractive the aluminum look. Another cool option when choosing your photo display is the 2″ wrap box. Your photo directly transferred on to the aluminum wraps around the sides of the metal box, a very chick look

For more information please call or email. We would love to discuss printing on Metal and help you with your project.

Next time you are printing on metal think acrylicpix.com.

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