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Printing on Metal and modern hanging options

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Printing on Metal offers an attractive alternative for digital artists and photographers to use. At acrylic pix we transfer your image directly onto brushed aluminum dibond using a flatbed printer. Dibond consists of two metal sheets sandwiched in between a polyethylene core. The weight of dibond is much lighter compared to actual aluminum yet is it very structural and can survive tough weather conditions, so outside use is prohibitive.

What really makes our printing on metal product offering unique is our various hanging options. Most companies who offer printing on metal services prints on a dibond  but are limited to offering only offer a standoff hanging option. The standoff hanging option work like this. 4 large metal screws come with your acrylic. The four holes are cut out of the acrylic, so when its hung the metal screws are visible. But wait that not the bad part. Hanging them can be a nightmare. All four holes need to be measured and lined up exactly for the acrylic to fit, a tedious process and one in which you will need a hanging expert to do for you. This system of hanging can work for a commercial location who is afraid of theft but is cumbersome in a home or office. Unless you consider big silver bolts attractive to your metal design why would you want it to impede in the design.

At acrylic pix we offer three simple hanging options. Our 1 inch mount options is a dibond panel glued to a solid wood bars that are 3/4 inches thick. The panel lies flush against the wall and black adhesive  covers the sides. Inside a wire hangs so when you remove it from the box you just hang, very easy.

The second Option is the one inch float. In this option wood bars are glued in the middle of the aluminum panel not at the end. The aluminum overlaps the wooden bars and when hung the panel looks like its is floating off the wall. Again , a wire is attached to both sides of the wooden bars for easy hanging. If you like modern this a great option to choose.

Our third option and something we invented is a 2 inch metal wrap around box. In this option the  Dibond is shaped like a metal box. Because the dibond panel  is flat and then assembled the sides of the metal box can have print on it. The box is 1-3/4 inches thick and very attractive when hung.  Picture a gallery wrap painting.  The box is very lite and comes with four holes for easy mounting.

Again all of our hanging options are user friendly and need no additional labour, its as easy as  hanging a painting.

If you need more information or would like to chat about printing on metal feel free to call us


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  1. david price says:

    Hi there,

    I am doing a DIY project with Aluminum, can you do me a huge favor and tell me what type of glue you guys use?

    Many thanks


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