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Photo Printing on Metal – A Modern Look

Posted on by Mark

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photo printing on metal of brothersPhoto printing on metal entails the same process as Printing on acrylic, but the end results are vastly different. Wheras acrylic is super clear, aluminum has a brushed look and feel to it. Since our panels are brushed aluminum an image transfered directly onto the acrylic will have a brushed look and feel to it.

If your picture has blue in it, the blue will indeed look like blue but its will have a brushed blue look. Your image will still be clear when you print on metal just against a brushed backdrop. If you want the natural brushed aluminum to show in its raw form you would photoshop the area white that you would want to have the aluminum showing.

My favorite in this medium is a black and white photo or a limited amount of color. I personally like seeing the brushed aluminum in its natural form in the photo. However everybody has their own specific taste.

This medium is great for Printing photos as well as digital art. I had a client the other day who was in love with acrylic and wanted to show her collection of flowers but after visiting the website she decided that most of her work was simple and would look interesting in black ink againsts the brushed aluminum surface.Simple, yet modern and elegant.

Many of our customers also prefer the 2″ wrap around box. Although prinited on metal the photo actually can be seen from the sides when it is hung, like the way paintings look when they are hung.

If you have any questions aluminum feel free to contact us.

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2 Responses to Photo Printing on Metal – A Modern Look

  1. I could not find the price of Print on Meatl ( Aluminium )
    or do you do Fujiflex or similar metallic look and mount on Aluminium ?

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