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Metal Photo Prints

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Metal photo prints is the process of digitally transferring your photos onto a metal substrate. The end result is a modern metallic photo that would look amazing in any home or office.

At acrylicpix.com we digitally transfer your image directly onto a metallic dibond sheet. Dibond consists of two aluminum sheets and a polyurethane core. Sheets come is 48 ” by 96 ” and different thickness. A 1/8 thickness is perfect for your photo transfer. The dibond can be cut into any size you want. Acrylic pix offers various sizes and offers custom sizes as well.

We use a flat bed Fuji printer and Uvijet Ko inks. All inks are waterbased and will not harm the environment.

The brushed aluminum is the most popular metal we offer at acrylic pix. When digitally printing on brushed aluminum I often tell people that to get the best dramatic effect there should be a good portion of the image to show the aluminum in its natural form without any ink. This way you really capture the brushed aluminum color and texture without the interference of 3 or 4 inks. If your image has to many colors and leaves no area for the aluminum its its own natural form it really looses its effect. You can always alter your photos in photo shop. Choosing white will be the color of the aluminum. If you have any question or are unsure you can always call us.

There are various methods of diplaying your aluminum photo as well. The most popular by far is the 2″ wrap around box. Strong light, modern and durable people love it. Its a 1 3/4″ metal wrap around box that is square and enables your photo show on the sides, much like a painting.

When creating your metal photo prints email or call us if you need more information.

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3 Responses to Metal Photo Prints

  1. Julie Sayigh says:

    I am interested in seeing more samples of your digital prints on metal. Do you have something on a metal other than brushed aluminum?

    Thank you,

  2. vadim says:

    what i need to print photo on metal like aluminum,what kined of printer and what i need from the begining?

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