How do I place an order?

You can order by phone 1-877-234-4466 or click here and follow the ordering steps.

Can you do custom sizes?

Yes, just email us the size for which you’re looking.

Is my photo printed directly on the acrylic?

Yes, your photo is printed directly onto the acrylic. It is not a laminate. The clearness of the material gives it a high resolution quality look. In our metal series we print on metal dibond. In our metallic series we print on metalic paper then we add our own unique substrate. We also can print the image on Metallic and glossy Epson paper in face mount format

Can I convert an image in black or white?

Yes the ordering process allows you to choose this option

What’s the difference between the “mount” and “float” options and “standoffs”

In the mount option the acrylic is glued flush on a wood backing. The sides have black adehsive material. You can choose 1 “or 2 “ thick backing. With the floater option there is a wood backing that is glued to the acrylic and is placed inches below the ends of the panel. The acrylic protrudes out and appears to be floating when hung. . The standoff option includes 4 screws that goes in each corner.

How can I clean my acrylic photo?

You can use any non abrasive liquid with a soft cloth or paper towels. We recommend Pledge as a great cleaner.

Email us to inquire further, as we no longer offer multi-image panels directly on our website.

Are there image guidelines I should know about for my picture?

A 150 dpi (or ppi – it’s the same) resolution will create a masterpiece. Less than 150 dpi can work as well, but the results will vary depending on the nature of the photo. A team member will contact you if we encounter a challenge or poor quality. It’s always best to set your camera to the highest resolution when the pictures are going to be reproduced. If you are unsure of the photos you already have on your computer, click the right button on your mouse over the picture and then click properties (“Get info” on Mac OS). This will show you some image info. You may only get the pixel dimensions, but with a bit of math you can figure out the ppi (Pixels per inch) if you know the size of the image you want. (Pixel Width)X(Pixel Height) ÷ (Height in Inches)X(Width in Inches) = The DPI/PPI.

What Type of files do you accept

We accept Jpeg (.jpg) and Tiff (.tiff) files. If your Jpeg doesn’t work, make sure the file extension “.jpg” is exactly that, and not “.jpeg”. To fix, just rename the extension before uploading.

Can I see the image before it leaves?

No, Its hard to take a photo of each piece of work we do.

What is your return policy?

If you received the image broken we offer a money back guarantee within 2 weeks of receiving. If you have other issues you can call 1-877-234-4466.

How long does it take to receive my acrylic or metal print?

It takes 5-7 working days, plus transport time.

Is transport included in the price

No shipping rates are not included in the price, check the tranport rates in our price sheet .

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, if you are a decorator or photographer we offer an everyday discount of 15% off all products. Check out the Pro Access section and drop us an email.

For How long will the acrylic image last?

You can find this info in the technical information section or just click here. To summarize, indoor use will allow 25-35 years; and outdoor use allow about 1 year. Metals prints, however, can last years as well outdoors.

How do i know colors will match when you print the acrylic.

There can always be slight deviations from what you sent us to what you recieve. This rarely happens. If you want to be 100% assured you can send us a digital hard copy  for a color reference so we can do a color match. If you are unsure we can chat and answer all your concerns.

Can i send a photo from instagram or a small reso file and create an acrylic.

Sure can. We take the file sent to us online and make a hard copy at a lab. We then use a professional scanner to scan it to the size you require and then create your acrylic. This process still creates a quality product. Call if you need more info.

Is there an area on the site that describes all the products you offer on one page-

Sure is. Click on Acrylic printing for dummies.