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Digital Printing on Canvas

Posted on by Mark

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A few days ago a few woman walked into my showroom and were blown away by the digital printing on canvas that was displayed. This type of printing has been around for years but it still amazes me that many people don’t know about it.

I always like being ahead of the curve and have shifted my energy to photos on acrylic. A rather new modern medium that is much more eloquent then canvas.

As the woman walked to the back of the showroom and saw the photos on acrylic hanging on the wall they quickly forgot about the canvas.  They were amazed at how clear the image was on the acrylic and marveled about how vibrant the colors were.  I picked up a photo done on canvas and the same one done on acrylic and they immediately saw the difference and quickly wanted to know how much the acrylic was ? what size they should get ? Can they do it in back and white etc….

Photos on acrylic has a really sophisticated, glamorous look and feel to it. The actual photo is printed directly onto the acrylic. No paper is used at all. The image comes out looking fresh and pristine looking.  A digital photo done at 150 d.p.i will come out looking like a piece of art. Shiny and bright it will transcend any room it hangs in.

Acrylic pix offers this service to both the professional and non professional market. Photos on acrylic makes for a stunning gift or to add some spice to your  existing wall space. Choose from our many custom options an add an additional decorative element to your photo.

Needless to say all the woman chose the acrylic option over the canvas. Check out our showcase section to see some of our work.

Next time you want to some digital printing on canvas think acrylic.

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