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ACRYLIC- Sometimes referred to as Plexiglas- Hard, clear and flat – We print on the back of the acrylic. We offer 1/8″, 3/16″ and 1/4″ Thickness 

SINTRA- A PVC foam board used in back of the acrylic to keep out the  light from behind and protect against scratching.We  use 1/8″sintra. When you order the Sintra option your acrylic thickness will be 1/4 inch.( 1/8 sintra plus 1/8 acrylic) Orders can be made with and without the Sintra. If you choose the hanging float option its suggested you choose the sintra option for sizes over 24-24 “. If you choose the mount option you can create an acrylic any size without the added cost of sintra. Found in custom menu under Construction

1″ mount option- 1″ wood square  panel is used to hang your photo. The panel also gives the acrylic structure and rigidity. The sides of the mount option is covered with a black adhesive. Marketed as a economic option the 1″ mount enables consumers to buy large acrylics at a fantastic price.   

2″ mount option- 2″ wood square panel is used to hang your photo and has the same features as above except it is 2″.

1″ float option- The Most modern option. A square 1 inch wood frame is put in the back of Acrylic or sintra located in the middle so the acrylic  protrudes off the wood frame. Once hung the acrylic floats off the wall  by 1″ and the wood frame is hidden. Found in Construction section under Display

standoff- 4 holes are located on each corner of the acrylic. 4 brushed aluminum screws are included with the Standoffs. You will need fastened the 4 Aluminum screws through the holes into the wall.  Standoffs are more popular at commercial venues where thefts may occur. Again, acrylic in the standoff style can include sintra or no sintra. Found in Construction section under Display

1″ Border- Choose from over  12 colors and create a border around your acrylic. There is no additional cost to create a 1″ Border. Found in custom Section under Border.

2″ Border- Choose from over 12 colors and create a border around your acrylic. There is no additional cost to create a 2″ Border. Found in custom options drop down menu. Found in Custom section under Border.

Black  and white- For no extra charge have your photo printed in Black and white. Found in custom options section under Image options

 Sepia- For no extra charge  have your photo printed in Sepia. Found in custom options section under Image options

On-black- Our proprietary style. We  print on the front of black acrylic. This style gives your black and white acrylic an extra 3d look. The black is the actual acrylic, while the white is Ink. Tres chic !!. Send us a color photo and we can create this style. Found in the Custom sections under Image options.

Background- Choose from over 40 background choices and add another cool element to your acrylic-No extra charge.

Pop Art- For only 49.00 create POP ART on Acrylic. Our talented artists will create hand designed POP ART.  Styles includes- Retro, Warhol, Cartoon, Psychedelica, 3d And caricature. Pop art looks fantstic on acrylic.

Showcase- Area located at the top of site. See all styles on showcase or browse each medium by drop down menu

Aluminum- Sometimes referred to as Metal on the site. We print directly on a brushed aluminum metal. The material is dibond. The Aluminum can be exposed to all weather elements without being damaged. A fantastic look. Most attractive when you leave some white in your photo which when produced will be the brushed aluminum raw. This is a matted look.

Metal 2″ Wrap Around Box - A proprietary product. Our 2″ Metal box had 1-3/4″ walls and is shaped like a  square hollow box. You can choose to have your image show on the sides so it can be viewed from all angles or leave the sides blank and see the rich brushed aluminum. This product is light and rigid and ready to hang when taken out of the box

1″ Metal Float- Brushed 1/8 Metal Dibond panel with a small square mount in the middle creates a floating effect when hung. A very modern look. Comes ready to hang

1″ Metal Mount- Metal Dibond is glued to a wood square giving it structure and rigidity. Sides are covered in black material. When hung frame comes off the wall 1″. Comes ready to hang.

D.P.I- Dots per inch in technical terms is the space between number of individual colored dots that make up your print. As a general rule your camera should be set to 150 d.p.i . Your D.P.I will change when you change the image settings in your camera settings. The larger the image the greater the d.p.i.. 72 d.p.i can still produce large acrylic prints but it really depends on other factors as well. We can always help you.

Pixel- Will give you the size of your image. Since we print at 150 divide your pixels  by 150 to give you the size in inches. So a photo that is 2000-300o pixels will be 13-20 inches. We can always increase 15-20 percent without causing pix-elation . Again, these rules are not set in stone just a guideline. Send us what you have and we will let you know. To find out the pixel on your image- right click your image- CLICK details, then on the top CLICK properties.


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  1. Samual Ho says:

    Do you accept the order of two kinds of custom sizes, 42 x 42 inch and 50 x 48 inch for indoor dormer without any accessories, on 1/8 inch thickness plexiglass decorative pictures? If it is possible, could you quote the prices of each piece for me? Looking forward to your reply as soon as possible, thank you very much!

    Samuel Ho
    LA, CA

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