About Us

Photos printed on to Acrylic, Metal, Canvas or other mediums

Thanks for stopping by. Acrylic pix transfers digital photos directly onto acrylic, metal, canvas or various other mediums. The end result is brilliant. Ornate, shiny and modern, your photo will add a touch of class in any room it is hung.

At Acrylic pix We work with vinyl, photo paper and canvas materials on a regular basis but wanted to offer something modern and unique.

After attending trade shows around the world we came across a process that was unmatched and would blow people away. Printing images directly on Acrylic.

If I had one way of describing the quality of direct printing onto acrylic I would say it’s like High definition T.V. but in a photo. The photo actually becomes life like and jumps out at you when hanging on the wall, it’s simply spectacular. What’s more amazing, a photo that only has 150 dpi will come out looking like a masterpiece.

This medium is great for pro photographers, amateur photographers or artists who want their work reproduced. Acrylic gives the image a shiny, clear, 3d effect.

You can customize your acrylic by choosing a number of image, hanging and display options. Choose an acrylic with a one or two inch border or why not have your black and white photo printed directly on black acrylic for a real 3d effect, very cool.

We also offer printing on Metal. We actually print directly on brushed aluminum dibond, the effect is rich and artistic looking. Unlike other companies we offer various hanging and display options. Our 2″ metal box will look amazing hanging on your wall.

Our goal is to offer different large format printing mediums as well as novel hanging and dispaly options at afforedable prices.

Take your time visiting us. Not sure of something pick up the phone or email. Check out our showcase section and see some of our work.

We are eager to help you create a masterpiece on Acrylic, Metal, Canvas or other novel mediums. We encourage you to call or email. We usually respond within a few hours even on the weekends. Again, We would love to be part of your next project.